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Taking a break

April 3rd, 2018


You've reached me while I'm currently taking a break from Dudek Modern Goods.

Why the break?

For the past 5 years Dudek Modern Goods has been a one man show, and a lot has happened to this one man since it all started! At the beginning my small family consisted of my wife and I and our one child, but our family has grown to a few more kids (+ another on the way) and a much busier schedule. Dudek Modern Goods has always been something I've done on the side, but is something I need to take some time off from to make sure I'm present where I need to be with my family and current full-time work responsibilities.

I've had the opportunity to send out my handmade pen holders to thousands of customers across the world and I'm so thankful for the amazing support, and I hope to continue to do so very soon!

Is this a permanent break?

My "break" as I'm calling it may be somewhat extended, but during that time my goal is to work through how to continue creating Dudek Modern Goods products and expand into new areas like your favorite stationery retailers, but without the same labor and time constraints on me personally. Hopefully more to come soon on that front.

Although I won't be taking orders at this time, you can still visit The Store to view the products.

Thank you again for your support and interest in my products and brand, and for your patience as I move forward with next steps.


Mike Dudek   

PS - If you currently have outstanding orders, I'll be wrapping them up soon!