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ABOUT Dudek Modern Goods

Dudek Modern Goods started as a small hobby by Mike Dudek.  As a creator/tinkerer, he set out to make himself some elegant, modern and highly functional pen holders from solid walnut (to fit his standards and aesthetic) and The Cube was born.  As word and demand spread about these pen holders, the Dudek Modern Goods brand came to be and is now a full line of handmade walnut products.  More to come for sure...  

Mike has dabbled in making things from ceramics (wheel), jewelry and woodworking, and is passionate about creating beautiful pieces for people to enjoy.  He likes nice things, so he wants others to have nice things.

Almost zealously passionate about small business, Mike loves to support other makers and the idea that you can spend a little more to buy something you will own forever.  There is an experience in buying a product made by a person, not a factory.

Mike is originally a Midwesterner from Michigan, but now lives in Mesa, AZ where his products are made.

In addition to creating Dudek Modern Goods products, Mike is also the editor of the popular pen blog, The Clicky Post.