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Handmade solid wood desk stands with a modern look and feel.

**HOLIDAY ORDERS** The deadline for guaranteed holiday delivery has passed, but I'll do my best to get orders completed quickly!

modern inspired, WALNUT Pen stands 

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Unique in the world of product manufacturing, each Dudek Modern Goods piece is made and hand finished in Arizona, USA.  This is based on a conscious choice to maintain a level of artistic integrity knowing that the products really are transferring from one person to another.



All of our goods are produced from solid walnut purchased from a local lumber yard.  No veneer or screen printing, just solid wood. The decision to use walnut is due to its dense properties being a hardwood, but also for its rich, and grainy texture. 

Walnut can range in color from dark or light brown and occasional hues of red.

We look at each piece as a unique and very personal item that is sure to last a lifetime.